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Kinesiology tape is used for treating sports injuries, inflammatory conditions and a variety of physical disorders. You would have noticed that more and more professional athletes use kinesiology taping improve their sporting performance, prevent injury and allow them to return to sport quicker.

Kinesiology Tape Materials:

Fabric: 100% cotton thin and stretchy therapeutic tape

Texture similar to human skin for maximum flexibility

Cut to required shape and size for application on different areas

Adhesive: Medical AcrylicWavy adhesive promotes skin breathability and easy movement

Contains no medication

Suitable for all skin types and all ages

Can be worn for up to 5 days

Water Proof: Remains effective even in wet conditions

Certification Standard: CE - meet the requirements of applicable European Community directives

Dimensions per roll: 2.5cm (length) X 5cm (width)

Dimensions per roll: 5m (length) X 5cm (width)

With taping, we are talking about a desired outcome that falls into the following categories:

1. Pain Relief - Something hurts and you tape the area to make it hurt less

2. Use - A part of you is injured and you plan on using it anyway, but prevent further injury

3. Injury Prevention - Provides structural support to joints and muscle during sports

4. Performance - Nothing hurts and you're trying to get an ergogenic effect

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